We’ve lived so long under the spell of hierarchy—from god-kings to feudal lords to party bosses—that only recently have we awakened to see not only that “regular” citizens have the capacity for self-governance, but that without their engagement our huge global crises cannot be addressed. The changes needed for human society simply to survive, let alone thrive, are so profound that the only way we will move toward them is if we ourselves, regular citizens, feel meaningful ownership of solutions through direct engagement. Our problems are too big, interrelated, and pervasive to yield to directives from on high.
—Frances Moore Lappé, excerpt from Time for Progressives to Grow Up

Monday, October 16, 2017

How A Secretive Network Built Around a Nobel Prizewinner Set Out To Curtail Our Freedoms

Click here to access article by George Monbiot from TruePublica (Britain). 
The history professor’s work on the subject began by accident. In 2013 she stumbled across a deserted clapboard house on the campus of George Mason University in Virginia. It was stuffed with the unsorted archives of a man who had died that year, whose name is probably unfamiliar to you: James McGill Buchanan. She writes that the first thing she picked up was a stack of confidential letters concerning millions of dollars transferred to the university by the billionaire Charles Koch.

Her discoveries in that house of horrors reveal how Buchanan, in collaboration with business tycoons and the institutes they founded, developed a hidden programme for suppressing democracy on behalf of the very rich. The programme is now reshaping politics, and not just in the US.
James McGill Buchanan is an excellent example of contemporary America's "house nigger" as described by Malcolm X. He is upper-middle class academic who loyally served plantation owners like Charles Koch. Unlike intellectuals such as historian Alfred W. McCoy and America's informal theologian Chris Hedges who serve the ruling capitalist class by managing dissent within safe limits, Buchanan went whole-hog (def.) in collaborating with the ruling class to consolidate and extend their power. Because of his loyalty and performance, he was amply rewarded. 

But doesn't Monbiot also serve to manage dissent when he writes the following reassuring statement as a conclusion?
Complete freedom for billionaires means poverty, insecurity, pollution and collapsing public services for everyone else. Because we will not vote for this, it can be delivered only through deception and authoritarian control. The choice we face is between unfettered capitalism and democracy. You cannot have both.

Buchanan’s programme amounts to a prescription for totalitarian capitalism. And his disciples have only begun to implement it. But at least, thanks to Maclean’s discoveries, we can now apprehend the agenda. One of the first rules of politics is know your enemy. We’re getting there.
Thus he tells us that we must strive to do a better job of regulating capitalists, and that our "democratic" institutions are still viable and able to do this job. (In the words of a 1911 activist) if that isn't pie-in-the-sky optimism, I don't know what is.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Capitalism [a "best post"]

Click here to access article by Phil Rockstroh form The Greanville Post.

Reading an article by Rockstroh, a leading American wordsmith, takes a little more time and effort, but I think you will agree that it is often worth it. 

This article of his was prompted by a NY Times piece entitled "“Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety?”, and he attempts to answer the question. He concludes his article with this insightful remark:
Due to the reality that capitalism, on both an individual and collective basis, drives individuals into madness, all as the system destroys forest and field, ocean and sea and the soulscape of all who live under its rapacious dominion, our plight comes down to this: We either struggle and strive, by and any and all means, to end the system — or it will end us.
Rockstroh's article instantly recalled my early morning experience listening to NPR's Morning Addition through the fog of awakening to my radio-alarm. It's amazing what one can learn listening to NPR! This morning I learned that not only American teenagers are going crazy but adults as well. But NPR's directors would not leave their listeners to suffer because they assured us that there were apps (def.) to cure this. And if that didn't work for you, they immediately followed with another segment to report that American entrepreneurs had devised other cures such as "floating away your anxiety and stress" for as little as $50 a float! (sarcasm)

How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings

Click here to access article by Robert Parry from ConsortiumNews.
In the final presidential debate of 2016, Hillary Clinton famously called Donald Trump the “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what’s increasingly clear is that Trump has a more typical puppet master for a U.S. politician – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
I would put a rather different take on the source of Trump's policies and actions. Although a bit crude in his actions and not skilled at public relations, I view him as an otherwise consummate capitalist in that he is thoroughly addicted to the drugs of profit and power. This addiction drives his sociopathic personality to seek alliances with wealth/power figures who are richly ensconced throughout the capitalist power structure. I am referring to the powerful and rich Ziocons and even mafia types who seem to thrive in the US Empire. 

10:15 AM Seattle time--Addendum, a quote by Phil Rockstroh:  
When life is negotiated within a collective value system that devalues and deadens the individual’s inner life thus warps every human transaction, anomie descends, the worst among a people ascend to positions of power. 

Iraq - The End Of The Kurdish Independence Project

Click here to access article by Bernhard from Moon of Alabama. (Updated at 9:40 PM Seattle time.)

This report seems too good to be true. I will await other reports before I believe it. (Here is the first confirmation from a key Empire propaganda source.)
The dreams of an independent Kurdistan in Iraq have just been buried again. Masoud Barzani's position has been weakened significantly. This huge blunder might cost him his head. The Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi has gained in standing and is now in position to win next years election.

These events will also have consequences for the Kurdish position in Syria. They demonstrate that they can not hope for continued U.S. support and will have to reconcile with the Syrian government. The idea of some autonomous or even independent Kurdish entity in Syria is, as of today, also dead.

[Weekly series of the Russian Revolution of 1917] October 16-22: Trotsky leads Bolsheviks out of Pre-Parliament

Click here to access article from World Socialist Web Site. (I am continuing to post a weekly summary of activities during the Russian Revolution of 1917 in addition to articles by historians and other informed people of that great event. You may be interested to read my introduction to both series if you have not already done so.)
As the Bolshevik party leadership continues to hotly debate Lenin’s calls for an armed insurrection, Lenin forcefully continues his campaign to orient the party toward the seizure of power. He writes a number of letters to different Bolshevik delegations and party committees, in this way circumventing the Central Committee and reaching toward the working class. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Calm before the storm" remark

by cartoonist Steve Sack from the [Minneapolis] Star Tribune.

Trump’s Media Furore... US Democracy On Thin Ice

Click here to access article by Finian Cunningham from Strategic Culture Foundation.
The irony is, however, that the attack on American democratic rights has already been underway before Trump entered the White House, and without much protest from the same media outlets who are now railing against Trump over this rants. We can point to the increasing surveillance powers of federal intelligence agencies which have steadily encroached since the September 2001 terror incidents in New York and Washington DC.

Media freedom in the US has been under assault for a long time.

Trump’s latest outburst is not a one-off anomaly.
The US capitalist's version of "democracy" is indeed on thin ice as numerous reports are showing up in both mainstream and alternative media, both the right and left of the political spectrum, that suggest the orange "moron" may not be our head of state much longer. (See also this, this, this, this, and this.)  It is becoming serious when even his close friends, the Israelis, are expressing concern.

So, what's an advanced capitalist ruling class to do when it wants to get rid of a president? Well, we saw how it was done with Kennedy. Although he refused to take orders from the Deep State that rules the US, he was very popular. But Trump is merely acting like a clown; on the other hand, he is quite a useful clown for the capitalist Deep State. A coup would put US "democracy" on a par with Latin American banana republics. Impeachment process might take too long, and it represents only a first step in getting rid of him. Appearances are everything to our masters who find the myth of "democratic" rule so useful in preventing Americans from seeing the darker reality. So, stay tuned to corporate media to find out how our masters resolve this dilemma. If Trump weren't so dangerous as CEO of the US, this "show" that is broadcast every day on TV would be very entertaining.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why U.S. and Saudi Arabia back Rohingya in Myanmar

Click here to access article by Sara Flounders from Workers World

Flounders with this article accomplishes an excellent example of investigative reporting.

She argues that the US and Saudi agents are supporting terrorist groups that have infiltrated the Rohingya. (Later she lists the sources that support her argument. The latter reports, of course, find very little coverage in corporate media.) While US officials have been hypocritically "beating the drums" (def.) on behalf of the Rohingya and corporate media is doing likewise, the result is...
Demonstrations, protests and online petitions have appeared worldwide to defend the struggle of the Rohingya people who have been driven from Myanmar into exile.
The obvious conclusion, which she reaches, is that these carefully engineered events and corporate media reports are crafted by the US-led Empire's directors in order to contain China's influence in the region.

I would like to suggest a larger hypothesis that shapes nearly all widespread coverage by media corporations: Media corporations overwhelmingly exist to promote the profit and power interests of their owners who are major capitalists. Therefore it follows that if you are going to following Western corporate media reports, you will be exposed to what they want you to believe about world events that affect their interests. In other words, you will be treated as a dupe.

The US-led Empire and its ruling capitalist classes are in a desperate struggle right now to wrest control away from other nations so that they can cover their increasing debts (around the massive figure of $20 trillion dollars for the US alone) with their increasing control over the world's labor and consumer markets and access to cheap resources by their corporations. If they fail at world domination, they fail their investors who constitute the ruling class of the Empire and will likely end their opportunities to cover government debts that are owed to themselves. The obvious problem is that they are hell-bent on stirring up conflicts like the one in Myanmar (Burma) and never-ending wars all over the world with devastating results for people like you and me.

Unless you are one of these investors, you have almost no reason to listen, read, or follow the news reports issued by their media corporations. It is now more urgent than ever to seek out reliable alternative media for this information; and better yet, to help create an independent news service to serve the interests of working people like ourselves.

Living Dangerously in Catalonia

Click here to access article by "Don Quijones" from Rigged Game. ("Don Quijones" is a pseudonym for a Brit who lives with his Mexican wife mostly in Barcelona.)

The province of Catalonia in Spain
This is the best article (together with its linked-to 2013 article by the same author) that I have read about the developing crisis in Barcelona and its province Catalonia. I have read several books (including Orwell's Homage to Catalonia) about the Spanish Civil War that began in 1936, and have wondered if this pivotal historical event were a direct antecedent of the current split between Madrid and Catalonia. Catalonia was the ideological and military center that defended the young, leftist Spanish republic from the attacks of Spanish, German, and Italian fascist armies. (Meanwhile the Western "democracies" stood passively by in neutrality and watched the destruction.) His linked-to article of 2013 affirms that this history has a very strong influence on what is happening today. I strongly encourage you to read it.

In the 2013 article he insightfully writes about the developing hostile relationship between the Spanish government and Catalonia and relates it to the earlier Civil War:
Franco’s dictatorship ended only 38 years ago — a mere blink of the eye in the great scheme of things — and Spain’s “transition” into a full-fledged constitutional democracy remains very much half-finished. Its institutions of democracy and civil society are still precariously young and extremely fragile.

Perhaps most importantly, Spain, as a living, breathing whole, is yet to come to terms with its recent past. The reason for this is simple: In the wake of Franco’s death in 1975, rather than confronting and reconciling themselves to the injustices and horrors perpetrated in his name, most Spanish people, including many on the left, simply swept all memory of them under the rug of collective amnesia.

Instead of confronting the fear and loathing that had built up during 36 years of brutal dictatorship, not to mention three years of bloody civil war, the Spanish people, egged on by the political and business establishment, chose to simply forget.
In today's article he writes about the current situation: 
...while all this frenetic flag buying, selling, waving and draping may be good business for some, it points to a very dark reality for society as a whole: two deeply rooted, diametrically opposed forms of nationalism with a bleak not-so-distant past are on the verge of a head-on clash. And it’s already having devastating effects on the social fabric as communities in Catalonia fracture, families splinter and friendships break apart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The War on Google Terrorism: Las Vegas, Nothing Google Allows is True

Click here to access commentary by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today--originally posted on Natural News.
The video above proves, scientifically and categorically that there was a 2nd shooter in Las Vegas.  Many have gotten it right and Google is taking down the videos and blocking the reports.  We believe they do it because we are open to this:  We believe Google Jigsaw, the military  arm of Google, may well be complicit.  No, VT is not kidding, we have found their trail in the Paris attacks, in recent and earlier Sarin attacks in Syria, and we find their agenda, crushing “non-Google approved news” to also be involved in covering up crimes.
I have been waiting for more definitive information released by official agencies to support their theory that Paddock was the lone shooter. There were all kinds of security cameras all over this area--why haven't such photos been released? Why haven't data been released such as Mike Adams reveals in the following video? 

The data that Adams, who is a director at CWC Labs, provides makes absolute sense to me, especially in reference to "lag times". I would formerly do a rough estimate between the visual display of lightening and the sound of thunder to determine the distance I was from the lightening strike. I used a very similar method that Adams uses in the video.

Naval false flags and the twentieth ‘American Century’

Click here to access article by Bas Spliet from Scrutinised Minds

The history of the directors of capitalist ruling classes as related in this long article by Spliet reveal that they will not shrink away from the most criminal humanitarian crimes to promote their class's interests of profit and power. Spliet explains how the directors were able to turn American opposition to war in the late 19th century into support for wars. He examines convincing evidence that led gullible Americans down the path to support US wars and imperialism which began in the late 19th century to the end of the 20th century. Ruling class directors discovered to their astonishment that creating false-flag attacks on naval vessels combined with pro-war propaganda issued by their class's media corporations were able to convert widespread American opposition to wars into strident pro-war sentiment.
Combined with a steady stream of propaganda, however, a number of naval mass casualty attacks blamed on the enemy of the day succeeded in temporarily changing public opinion in favour of war. As a result, at the expense of the lives of many more Americans and people from all over the world, the American empire was born.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The limitations of two of America's brightest intellectuals

by Ron Horn

I will focus on two of America's brightest, historian Alfred W. McCoy and America's informal theologian Chris Hedges (a once divinity student and aspiring theologian, and later a NY Times journalist), in order to illustrate how intellectuals of the upper-middle class function to preserve the ruling capitalist class. I will draw on a recent book by McCoy entitled  In the Shadow of the American Century (also a precursor to the book in a 2010 article by him published by CBS News entitled "The Decline and Fall of the American Empire") and a recent article by Chris Hedges entitled "The End of Empire" in which he references the book by Professor McCoy.

When you examine both of their backgrounds (McCoy's self biography in his book's introduction entitled "US Global Power and Me" and Hedges in Wikipedia), I think there is sufficient evidence to classify their backgrounds as upper-middle class. These people are truly indispensable to running a capitalist society. But their relationship to capitalists, who constitute the ruling class, is very much like the African-American concept of one type of slave relationship with the master of the house or plantation that existed in our period of slavery. Malcolm X colorfully described them as "house niggers" (the servants and maids who worked for the master's family in their home and enjoyed superior privileges) versus the "field niggers" who correspond to ordinary workers.
There was two kind of slaves. There was the house negro and the field negro. The house negro, they lived in the house, with master. They dressed pretty good. They ate good, cause they ate his food, what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near their master, and they loved their master, more than their master loved himself.
McCoy supports the existing ruling class by the absence of any mention of capitalism, a social system that insures that societies are infected with class conflict; and in order to reduce such conflicts to a minimum, the ruling classes must engage in widespread and ongoing subterfuge to disguise this fact. He accepts capitalism as the only reality, but suggests that eternal vigilance from more people like him could have preserved US dominance in the world. He argues convincingly that the "American Century", which Henry Luce announced in February 1941 to the delight of domestic fascists, will come to an end in about a decade. However he doesn't see any threats to human extinction due to the likely prospects of a nuclear war conflagration or climate destabilization.

While Hedges occasionally criticizes the excesses of capitalism, he continues to insist that our governing system somehow represents "democracy", and his apparent obsessive concern about non-violence (or at least he uses this as a rationale to oppose any form of violence--see the "The Cancer in Occupy"--even against property as well as the police) insures that a revolution can never be achieved. He praises such benign forms of activism as projects like Cooperation Jackson; and in his latest article entitled "Faces of Pain, Faces of Hope" he definitely prefers the mild models of activism such as found in the Catholic Worker Movement and "intentional communities".

They both fear losing the privileges and wealth they have gained from many years of their active participation in ruling class institutions. Their long years of indoctrination in capitalist views and values handicaps them from offering any effective advice to young activists who see the necessity of ending a system which guarantees endless wars, exploitation, the destabilization of the climate, and the likely extinction of humans.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Remembering Che Guevara 50 Years After His Assassination

Click here to access article by James Cockcroft from TeleSur

Guevara was another martyr who dedicated his life to serving the interests of ordinary working people against the US-led Empire, a capitalist empire that was trying to crush all revolutionary actions and ideas in order to satisfy their addictions to profits and power in the world. Like other martyrs such as Lenin, Trotsky, Rosa Luxembourg, and Mao Tse-Tung, Guevara will live on in the fond memories of ordinary people and will inspire others to serve the interests of the people against the oppressive rule of transnational capitalists.

In his opening paragraphs the Cockcroft writes that capitalist well-paid ideological agents are, of course, trying to besmirch his memory with the usual deceptions and emphasis on Guevara's mistakes. Crockcroft sets the record straight.
The year 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the CIA-ordered assassination of Che Guevara.

In light of a recent upsurge in denunciations of Che and the Cuban Revolution, it is important to separate fact from fiction.

Here are five important points to take into account, all in historical context, drawn from countless reliable sources, especially from the "References" section at the end of this article.
You may be also interested in another article in TeleSur entitled "Richard Gott on Meeting Che and Covering His Death".

[Russian Revolution part 8 of ?] The state and revolution

Click here to access article by Amy Leather from Socialist Review (Britain).

The author describes the revolutionary ideas of Lenin which he, during the summer of 1917, wrote down in his unfinished book State and Revolution. Here are a few of the most popular ones that inspired people to follow the leadership of the Bolsheviks:
Lenin argues that once people are freed from the “untold horrors and savagery” of capitalist slavery they “will gradually become accustomed to observing the elementary rules of community life…they will become accustomed to observing them without force, without coercion, without subordination, without the special apparatus of coercion which is called the state”.

The need for a workers’ state recedes as there are no longer any capitalists, any classes and consequently no class to be suppressed — and will wither away completely when the norm in society is “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”....

[Weekly series of the Russian Revolution of 1917] October 9 - 15: Lenin steps up campaign for insurrection

Click here to access article from World Socialist Web Site

I am continuing to post a weekly summary of activities during the Russian Revolution of 1917 in addition to articles by historians and other informed people of that great event. You may be interested to read my introduction to both series if you have not already done so. 
With Trotsky at the head of the Petrograd Soviet, and with the Bolshevik Party in control of a growing majority of other soviets, the Bolsheviks are now the most powerful party in the Russian Revolution. However, significant differences have emerged within the party’s leadership regarding what course to take.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Identity politics and the growth of inequality within racial minorities

Click here to access article by Eric London from World Socialist Web Site.

The most useful aspect of promoting identity politics that London does not make clear is its ability to distract subjects of the capitalist ruling class away from any class analysis or class identification. And a further (to our masters') benefit, which he alludes to, is that it fosters competition between groups over opportunities to serve the ruling capitalist class.
Identity politics has become a key mechanism through which the next 9 percent situated below the top 1 percent advances its grievances within the political establishment, fighting for “space” in the universities, trade unions, political parties, state apparatus, and corporate media. This layer, which forms a principal social base for the Democratic Party, is generally pro-war and supportive of the right-wing policies that have produced a soaring stock market.

How Billionaires Become Billionaires

Click here to access article by James Petras from Global Research.

Under the section "Consequences of Inequalities" he writes about the realities of such inequality:
First and foremost, billionaires and their political, legal and corporate associates dominate the political parties. They designate the leaders and key appointees, thus ensuring that budgets and policies will increase their profits, erode social benefits for the masses and weaken the political power of popular organizations.

Secondly, the burden of the economic crisis is shifted on to the workers who are fired and later re-hired as part-time, contingent labor. Public bailouts, provided by the taxpayer, are channeled to the billionaires under the doctrine that Wall Street banks are too big to fail and workers are too weak to defend their wages, jobs and living standards.

Billionaires buy political elites, who appoint the World Bank and IMF officials tasked with instituting policies to freeze or reduce wages, slash corporate and public health care obligations and increase profits by privatizing public enterprises and facilitating corporate relocation to low wage, low tax countries.
The system of capitalism inevitably degenerates into this reality. In order to eliminate all such undesirable (and worse) effects , we must find a way to end the system and replace it with one that fosters equality, true democracy (providing opportunities for everyone to participate in governing), and harmony with nature.

The Big ISIS and SDF Lies of the US—‘Kurdistan’ and New Gas Wars

Click here to access article by F. William Engdahl from New Eastern Outlook

Engdahl concludes his article with this statement:
...because of the recent success of the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces backed by Russian air power, the battle is turning into a direct US-Russia showdown, something in no way conducive to world peace. As repeatedly in their history, the Kurds of Syria and of Iraq are being played by the larger powers in the west for their own game: to totally control the vast energy resources of the entire Middle East and with it, of much of the world. Ultimately the game will fail, though not before senseless and inhuman slaughter continues to take its toll.
I can only agree. And, on the subject of "senseless and inhuman slaughter", with the simple-minded Tweeter (def. 1) in the White House raving about Kim Jong-un, I can only hope and pray that the Deep State manages to control this mad-dog on some kind of leash.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Six ‘Secret’ Tactics of Empire

Click here to access article by Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin from Global Research.

Although the author fails to identify the empire in the content of the article, it is obvious that the methods apply to the US-led Empire. He provides a useful and succinct summary of the methods that have been used by US-led Empire operatives in their attempts, sometimes successful, to destabilize and overthrow governments that stand in the way of the Empire's global interests of profits and power.
The 6 ‘secret’ tactics of empire are strategies of change used by governments, usually covertly, to attain political or military ends through means not normally acceptable to the populace as a whole. The strategies are as follows:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Washington's Long War Against Syria

Click here to access article by Stephen Gowans from What's Left

Gowans delivers a talk below on Middle Eastern political developments in the past 30 or 40 years with particular emphasis on the subject of his recently published book by the above title. He was invited by the Hands Off Syria Coalition to give a speech in July at the Solidarity Center in New York City. He has been described as a Canadian writer and activist, but now he can lay claim to be an author. He writes, I believe, mostly for What's Left but his articles have been re-posted frequently on many other websites. It is my opinion that he is one of the world's foremost political analysts. 

Gowans begins his approximately 48 minute talk at 12:25m into this video after brief words by other members of the Coalition. He concludes the talk by quoting from another Canadian, Norman Bethune, who served as a medical officer during the Spanish Civil War and the Sino-Japanese War with Mao's armies and said: "...such an organization of society, that permits these enemies of society to exist, must be abolished." Of course, he was referring to a capitalist organization of society. Gowans declares that the theme of his new book is the same.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The social pathology of the Las Vegas Massacre

Click here to access article by Patrick Martin from World Socialist Web Site.
The Las Vegas massacre is a peculiarly American crime, arising out of the social pathology of a deeply troubled society.

What is the social context of this latest episode of domestic mass killing? The United States has been at war more or less continuously for the past 27 years. The US government has treated tens of millions of people in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Africa as targets for extermination through bombs, bullets, and drone-fired missiles. These wars have penetrated deeply into American culture, celebrated endlessly in film, television, music and even sport.

Social relations within the United States, characterized by the growth of economic inequality on a scale that exceeds any previous era in American history, fuel a culture of indifference, and even outright contempt for human life.

US Proxies in Southeast Asia Include Fake Communists

Click here to access article by Joseph Thomas from New Eastern Outlook

Thomas provides many illustrations in Thailand how capitalist operatives in cooperation with local capitalists, who promote the profit and power interest of the US Empire, make rather startling use of deception as they do elsewhere in the world. Of course, Karl Marx and others pointed out a century and half ago the sharp contradictions and conflicts between capitalists and workers. This phenomenon undermines any claim to the legitimacy of capitalist rule; therefore they must hide these contradictions by using their control of nearly all institutions of indoctrination and propaganda to deceive workers. When these institutions fail to dumb down workers, they always rely on violence by their police forces and armies to suppress dissidents.

Read how Thomas arrives at the following conclusion which encourages us to access rely on independent sources of information and improve our critical thinking skills.
If Washington is capable of creating legions of fascists and Wahhabi militants that serve its cause, it certainly can create “Communists” and any other ideological flavour of proxy it believes can serve its interests when and where needed. With Washington possessing such a capability, only real analysis can peel back the layers of money and motivations of any given movement, revealing its true colours, and those who refuse to peel back these layers, may in fact be aiding and abetting empire, not resisting it.

[Russian Revolution part 7 of ?] In Defence of the Russian Revolution - part two

The following is a 21:16m concluding video presentation by Alan Woods (via YouTube) regarding some of  the major effects of the Russian Revolution on not only Russia but the rest of the world. Woods is a British Marxist expert and author regarding issues and history related to Marxism.
In the second of a series of videos celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism, www.marxist.com - examines the lies and slanders used to attack the Revolution, the Bolsheviks, and the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky.

In this second part of "In Defence of the Russian Revolution", Alan examines the nature of the revolution and the subsequent civil war, answering the myths and distortions presented by bourgeois historians about the October Revolution being a "coup" or that Lenin and Trotsky were blood-thirsty tyrants.

As Alan explains, the rhetoric of the capitalists and their apologists reeks of hypocrisy from beginning to end, and it was the counter-revolutionaries in Russia who were responsible for violence.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

“Diplomatic Flights used as Cover for Arms Trafficking to Terrorists” [Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva]

Click here to access article from FARS news agency in Iran. 

I've posted two previous articles regarding her claims which were mostly based on RT interviews with this Bulgarian journalist (see here and here) who has since been fired. Since then FARS news agency has followed up with this interview (in transcript form) of their own with Gaytandzhieva.
Dilyana Gaytandzhieva is a Bulgarian investigative journalist. In December 2016, she visited liberated neighborhoods of Aleppo where she found Bulgarian-made weapons inside underground warehouses belonging to terrorists. She felt suspicious and traced those weapons to its Bulgarian manufacturer realizing that they were legally exported to Saudi Arabia, which in turn supplied them to terrorists in Syria. As a result of further investigation she discovered that this was just a small part of a bigger international scheme.

FNA has conducted an interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva about the result of her investigation into the use of diplomatic flights for supplying weapons to terrorists.

[Russian Revolution series, part 6 of ?] In Defence of the Russian Revolution - part one

The following is a 22:03m video presentation by Alan Woods (via YouTube) regarding some of  the major effects of the Russian Revolution on not only Russia but the rest of the world. Woods is a British Marxist expert and author regarding issues and history related to Marxism. (I will be posting Woods' "part two" of his series in the near future.)
In the beginning of a series of videos celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Alan Woods - editor of In Defence of Marxism, www.marxist.com - examines the lies and slanders used to attack the Revolution, the Bolsheviks, and the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky.

In this first part "in Defence of the Russian Revolution", Alan looks at the gains made by the October Revolution and the planned economy in terms of science, industry, and culture.

Monday, October 2, 2017

[Russian Revolution series, part 5 of ?] Global Empire - The Centenary 1917-2017

Click here to access a 30:24m video production by TeleSur featuring Tariq Ali discussing this topic with Professor Stephen Smith. (Note: Beginning today I will occasionally offer the perspectives of this momentous event by various experts while running the excellent weekly/daily series provided by the World Socialist Web Site.)
To commemorate The Russian Revolution Centenary, Tariq Ali talks to Professor S.A. (Stephen) Smith of All Souls College, University of Oxford....

Safe-Zone Judo as Syrian Forces Cross the Euphrates

Click here to access article by Tony Cartalucci from New Eastern Outlook

Cartalucci assesses how the Empire's "Plan B" (Plan A was regime change) which he refers to as "safe zones" is currently working to balkanize Syria, and finds that it has diminishing chances of success in the long term. 
...with Syrian forces on the east bank of the Euphrates, the Syrian government maintains an even greater presence within and along the edges of this tenuous “safe zone.”

Today – just as US policymakers had planned the US and its proxies would do in 2012 – Syrian forces can at any time during this current conflict or after it – expand incrementally into America’s “safe-zone.” The crossing of the Euphrates and the increasingly exhausted political legs the United States stands on regarding its military aggression in Syria, combined with Russia’s direct military intervention upon Damascus’ request – have severely complicated this “safe zone” policy.

It is no longer a matter of “Assad” being “foolish enough to challenge these zones,” they are being challenged, regularly, and by Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower, which is in turn backed by a nuclear deterrence preventing the sort of escalation against Damascus US policymakers envisioned before the Russian intervention.

[Weekly series of the Russian Revolution of 1917] October 2 - 8: Trotsky elected chairman of the Petrograd Soviet

Click here to access this week's account of the historical Russian Revolution from the World Socialist Web Site. (Note: I am posting a series of articles on the Russian Revolution; but they are from my selection of the best sources which, in my well-read judgement, are the most accurate and insightful.)

I will be posting a weekly summary of activities during the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as articles by historians of that great event. You may be interested to read my introduction to the latter series if you have not already done so. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

How Syria’s Victory Reshapes Mideast

Click here to access article by Alastair Crooke from ConsortiumNews

I am departing from my usual practice to ignore speculative articles about the future because I simply could not pass this one up. It is clear that the actions of the Saudi-Israeli-US project of using ISIS to destabilize Syria and installing a more compliant government (Plan A) is coming to an end. 

In the first section Crooke provides a review of the history of the region which sets the stage for what he sees as a more likely second scene in this geopolitical drama in contrast to one which he refers to as "Israel’s New Scheme" (Plan B): using the Kurdish desire for independence to balkanize both Iraq and Syria.  If you have little time, I recommend that you skip down to the subsection entitled "Israel’s New Scheme" where he quickly disposes of this outcome, and proceeds to elaborate the outcome that he sees much more likely. I think you will agree with me that such an outcome will have monumental repercussions on global geopolitics.

RT may close down US based studio

Click here to access article posted on Fort Russ.
Russia Today (RT) may stop broadcasting in the US due to pressure from the US authorities. RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan stated this in an interview on Russia's NTV channel.

According to her, "in the worst case scenario," RT may leave the US territory and no longer broadcast....
Because of the ruling capitalist class's concern over alternative media publishing news and analysis that doesn't conform to their versions disseminated by their media corporations, I it was inevitable that our masters would introduce all types of censorship as they are doing in Google's search engine and YouTube (which is owned by Google) and Facebook. It will only get worse as illustrated by these latest actions to harass RT so much that they too will likely leave our shores. 

I personally have found RT as a very useful and convenient way to learn about what is going on in world, but I've notice increasing difficulties accessing their nightly news program. (Last night their program "crashed" about four times when I was watching it.) US media corporations seem to have vacated any significant coverage of foreign affairs beyond what Trump tweets or speechifies about in a threatening or flamboyant manner. In spite of the fact that his actions are becoming aligned with theirs, Trump continues to be our masters' favorite whipping boy and major distraction from real news coverage. And our masters love any kind of distraction to take our attention away from the criminal acts they are committing throughout the world.  

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Defending the Indefensible - The Occupation of the American Mind

Click here to access two videos that make up the 56 minute film (via YouTube) "The Occupation of the American Mind" posted on Information Clearing House
The Occupation of the American Mind is a production of The Media Education Foundation (MEF), a Massachusetts-based organization that produces and distributes educational films about the social, cultural, and political impact of American mass media. [my link]
"This is a film that demands to be seen. It shows, with devastating precision, how effective propaganda can hide crimes that are epic in scale and have catastrophic consequences. Please see this film, hire it, screen it, talk about it." - Ken Loach

Friday, September 29, 2017

US’ Plan B? From Alleged Evacuation of Daesh to the Murder of Russian General

Click here to access an unedited interview with "The Saker" by a representative from Sputnik posted on The Greanville Post.   

"The Saker" gives his views on the outcome of the continued operation of the US-backed Kurds in Syria.
Having realized that they lost in Syria the US has shifted to “Plan B” to maintain control over the oil-rich regions of the country, military analyst The Saker told Sputnik. The Russo-Syrian advance in Deir ez-Zor has endangered the US plan, prompting the Pentagon to target the Syrian Arab Army and Russian military personnel on the ground.
Plan B is, of course, the splitting off of Syrian territory under the control of US-backed Kurds who continue to permit US military bases on their territory.

By The Grace Of Israel - The Barzani Clan And Kurdish "Independence"

Click here to access article by Bernhard from Moon of Alabama
The Kurdish region in Iraq held a "referendum" about splitting off from Iraq to form an independent state. The referendum was highly irregular and the outcome was assured. That such a referendum was held now had more to do with the beleaguered situation of the illegitimate regional president Barzani than with a genuine opportunity to achieve independence. The referendum was non-binding. It is now onto Barzani to declare independence or to set the issue aside in exchange for, essentially, more money.


Arabs, Turks, and Persians see the Kurds as a recalcitrant nomadic mountain tribe and stooge of Israeli interests.
And another article on the Kurdish situation which might also interest you is entitled "Kurdistan – what the referendum is hiding" by the French intellectual Thierry Meyssan. In the article you will encounter the word "Tsahal": this means the military forces of Israel.

Combined the two articles gave me an intellectual headache and a decidedly pessimistic outlook for the future of humans. 

Do you believe in miracles?

Click here to access a book review by Craig McKee from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
It would have taken a miracle. A bunch of them, actually.

For the official story of 9/11 to be true, numerous physically impossible things would need to have taken place that day. This is the case made by prolific 9/11 researcher David Ray Griffin in his latest book, Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World. It is the twelfth Griffin-penned volume that takes on the official government claims of what happened—and did not happen—on 9/11. It also marks his return to the subject for the first time since 2011’s 9/11 Ten Years Later: How State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

“Meathead” is Running the Committee to Investigate Russia

Click here to access article by Phil Butler from New Eastern Outlook.

In this very clever piece Butler examines the Committee and finds a nest of Zionist mafia types. 
Finally, for those of you who think Rob Reiner ever changed from his role as “Meathead” in the 70’s sitcom All in the Family, his organization mentioning ousted Russian oil oligarch and mafioso Mikhail Khodorkovsky proves Archie Bunker was right about his “Meathead” son-in-law all along. [my link]

Unravelling the riddle of the Kurds’ Iraqi pipedream

Click here to access article by Pepe Escobar from Asia Times.

The extraordinary Brazilian journalist offers his take on the rather complicated interests involved in the Kurdish desire for independence in norther Iraq. It appears that Kurdish fantasies about independence are just that--fantasies.
Masoud Barzani has overplayed his hand – no regional powers are going to assent to partition of Iraq

Wall Street and City of London Press Panic Button on Catalonia

Click here to access article by "Don Quijones" from Wolf Street.

The author, who is a British ex-patriot and mostly lives in Spain, gives an excellent report about the financial factors behind the resistance of Western financial centers against the independence movement in Catalonia from Spain. As such the author provides an excellent illustration of the power and influence that major financial centers of Wall Street and the City of London, whose capitalists make up a core part of the ruling classes of the US-led Empire, have on political events in many countries. This is a further illustration of how contemporary capitalists control all major policy decisions both political and economic wherever they hold populations in debt. If this weapon fails to control populations, then the "jackals" are sent in, as John Perkins so well explained in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. How did this weapon of debt used by the Empire's ruling class come about?

It developed over many years of capitalist rule whereby the capitalist classes accumulated more and more wealth extracted from exploited worker populations and stole cheap resources from countries they dominated. Think British Empire, the many years of exploitation of workers, the kidnapping of millions of African slaves, think US control over much of Latin America through occasional invasions to remind leaders of US power as well described by Major General Smedley Butler in his book War Is a Racket (1935), WWI, the emergence of US power after WWII, etc. This wealth was accumulated over many years in the Anglo-American empires which developed into today's US-led Empire. Now for anyone or any nation to purchase anything, they usually have to borrow money from a bank. And, now the Empire's capitalist financiers hold nearly everyone and "sovereign" nations in debt, and exercise considerable control over them with these debt obligations always backed by the threat of violence from their police and military. 

The is the inevitable evolution of capitalism into the advanced form we see today all over the Empire.

Internet censorship and government war plans

Click here to access article by Andre Damon from World Socialist Web Site.

The growing attempts to implement censorship measures to internet services by the ruling capitalist class indicates that the latter has no qualms about introducing overt fascist methods of censorship as its imperialist operations abroad and its austerity and police state measures here at home are increasingly exposed and discussed over these services.
On the eve of the UN assembly, the Times published an unambiguous brief for censorship of the Internet in the form of an op-ed column by the ambassador to the UN under Barack Obama, Samantha Power.

Under the headline “Why Foreign Propaganda Is More Dangerous Now,” and on the pretext of combating Russian disinformation and subversion, Power calls for the use of “professional gatekeepers” to police public discourse on the Internet.

Power, a leading proponent of “human rights” imperialism, looks back nostalgically at the Cold War as a golden age of news dissemination, when “most Americans received their news and information via mediated platforms.”
If they succeed in shutting out accurate information about their war crimes and secret nefarious operations, then all is lost for the people to prevent either a nuclear war conflagration or the calamities of climate destabilization.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Super Patriotic Draft Dodger’s Rag: “Fire the Son-of-a-Bitch”

Click here to access article by Edward Curtin from The Greanville Post.

Curtin shines much needed light on the hypocrisy of American liberals and asks some very penetrating questions:
Who will take a knee for a radical redistribution of economic and political power?  Who will link arms for the end to capitalist exploitation and the amassing of obscene wealth by a few at the expense of the many?  Who will refuse to support war and war-making?  Who will tell it like it is and say that the demon of racism can only be eliminated if the others are?  Liberals won’t.  Conservatives won’t. Who will?  Who will pay a price?
Racism has been a very convenient weapon used by the capitalist ruling class (comprised of both liberals and conservatives) to divide Americans and divert their attention away from the many social and economic disasters of their system. Trump has now given White racists and police forces permission to use that weapon more aggressively.

Also he touched on what I  have long observed about football games (especially NFL games) as useful spectacle to promote social cohesiveness:
In a society of the spectacle, NFL football is the most spectacular and entertaining mass hypnotic induction into the love of war and violence that we have.  Goodell says that “the NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture.”
I think Goodell is right but for a very wrong reason. The sense of unity is devoted to the spectacle of violence, aggression, and dominance which are what US foreign policies are all about. The latter two characteristics also are useful attributes for capitalists domestically while in pursuit of profits and power at the expense of workers.

There is another excellent article posted on the same website that might interest you: "Good Blacks, Bad Blacks: From Washington and DuBois to Morgan Freeman and Colin Kaepernick" by Paul Street.
White America, for the most part, makes a critical distinction between “good” and “bad” Black Americans – and a related distinction between “good” and “bad” Black behavior.  It goes way back. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How the BBC Spreads Lies: How to read propaganda [a Best Post]

Click here to access article by Eric Zuesse posted at A Bird's Eye View of the Vineyard (The Saker). 

Although this outstanding article give some clues about reading propaganda, its major contribution is discerning the Mid-East strategies of the US ruling class that is supported by an abundance of major links.  It's clear from a careful reading of this article that the US Empire uses and manages the many conflicts among Sunni nations, Shia nations, Kurdish aspirations, and other national interests as a means to not only balkanize countries surrounding Israel, but more importantly to curtail Russian and Iranian influence in the area while maintaining their own dominance.

Again I must register my strong opposition to Zuesse's use of the feudal term "aristocracy" and related terms instead of the accurate term "ruling class" or "capitalist ruling class". It becomes even more absurd when he writes sentences which mix up both capitalist and contemporary feudal ruling classes like the following:
Whereas the Sauds’ and Israel’s main focus is on conquering Iran, the U.S. aristocracy’s main focus is on conquering Russia; but the entire Saud-Israel-U.S. alliance of aristocracies is simultaneously anti-Shia and anti-Russian. While the three aristocracies have different priorities, they are all in this together.
Words matter because they can reveal the critically important realities of human existence or they can obscure them. While Zuesse's articles contributes a lot to the former, he still insists on hiding capitalism and capitalist ruling classes behind the term "aristocracy". Or maybe he is so brainwashed that he thinks social systems don't matter. I am absolutely convinced that the comprehensive system of capitalism and capitalist ruling classes are the prime issues confronting humans today. The rule of primarily advanced capitalist classes threaten the very existence of humans with the prospect of extinction from both the immediate risk of nuclear wars and the longer term threat of climate destabilization. Thus I view such obfuscation as an intellectual crime against humanity.

I can only infer from the glaring absence of any specific biographical matter on Eric Zuesse, beyond the vague description of "investigative historian", that this is a deliberate practice on his part to hide his affiliations with academia in order to protect himself from employment repercussions. In other words, he considers his own material well being above the well being of humans in general. This reflects the personality development of individualism which is so strongly promoted under the social-economic system of capitalism. I fear that this current human characteristic will likely lead to the extinction of humans. 

And then he rather hypocritically, in my opinion, continues on to criticize the BBC for failing to mention important information about the Jordanian background of a UN officer, the UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who claimed...
Russia is committing “grave human rights violations” in Crimea, according to a report by the United Nations.

The UN human rights agency says it has documented arbitrary arrests, torture and at least one extra-judicial execution in the region.
 There is an urgent need for accountability. 

Avoiding Nuclear War: Why Kim Jong-Un’s Strategy Makes Sense

Click here to access article by Federico Pieraccini from Strategic Culture Foundation. (My thanks go to Christopher P. in northwest Oregon for alerting me to this excellent article.)

There's method to Kim Jong-Un’s reported madness (in US corporate media). This is the thesis argued by the author that attempts to give a rational perspective from North Korea's point of view, and I think he is quite convincing. 
...the strategy of the Pyongyang is working: on the one hand, they are developing a nuclear weapon to deter external enemies; on the other, they are obligating the PRC to adopt a particularly hostile attitude towards South Korea’s deployment of THAAD. In this sense, the numerous economic actions of Beijing towards Seoul can be explained as a response to the deployment of the THAAD batteries. China is the main economic partner of South Korea, and this trade and tourism limitation is quite damaging to South Korea’s economy.
My only criticism is this statement referring to the THAD missiles the US has installed in South Korea: "As repeatedly explained, it is useless against North Korean rockets...." I am quite well-read (def.), but I often skip over technical details of weapons. Thus I was offended by this statement and the fact that he didn't bother with furnishing a link to support it. Here is such a link from a South Korean source.

Monday, September 25, 2017

[Weekly series of the Russian Revolution of 1917] September 25 – October 1: Lenin urges Bolshevik leaders to prepare for the seizure of power

Click here to access this week's account of the historical Russian Revolution from the World Socialist Web Site. (Note: I am posting a series of articles on the Russian Revolution; but they are from my selection of the best sources which, in my well-read judgement, are the most accurate.)

I will be posting a weekly summary of activities during the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as articles by historians of that great event. You may be interested to read my introduction to the latter series if you have not already done so.  
Now that the Bolsheviks have obtained majorities in the Moscow and Petrograd soviets, Lenin launches a campaign to orient the party for a planned insurrection. Meanwhile, Kerensky and his supporters try to assemble a new pro-war “coalition” government.

The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime

Click here to access this interview with Douglas Valentine conducted by Lars Schall and posted on CounterPunch. (Edited at 7:35 PM Seattle time for clarity.)

Although it begs belief (def.) that Valentine was able to completely fool the then CIA Director William Colby about his mission to study the CIA, nearly everything he's written in his book The CIA as Organized Crime is corroborated by many other independent sources. But his entrée (def. 1b) provided by Colby allowed Valentine to interview many other CIA officers.  This access enabled him to become probably the foremost expert outside of the Deep State on this nefarious organization due to the compartmentalization that usually occurs among their officers. And the knowledgeable Lars Schall makes this a top-notch interview.
LS: How important is mainstream media for the public perception of the CIA?

DV: It’s the most critical feature. Guy Debord said that secrecy dominates the world, foremost as secret of domination. The media prevents you from knowing how you’re being dominated, by keeping the CIA’s secrets. The media and the CIA are same thing.

Eva Bartlett in North Korea – Going Behind the Media Iron Curtain

Click here to access article featuring an interview with Bartlett and video shots she took on her visit at the end of August to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and posted on 21st Century. (Note: the audio quality of her voice deteriorates at various times in the interview. Also the interview cuts of before the end at 31:51m of the full 32:45m interview; if you want to hear the end you can do so here.)

This extraordinary Canadian journalist shows how independent journalists can give a very different impression of life in other countries, especially those designated derogatorily by such names as the "Axis of Evil", than corporate media gives us within our iron-curtain of Empire propaganda.

On the other hand, if you like the simplistic "good-guy, bad guy" cartoonish propaganda fed to adolescent people (adults with an adolescent personality) by the Empire's corporations, you will love this piece produced by Hollywood's Zionists featuring an African-American celebrity and talking-head. People like you never regard Hollywood both as a propaganda agency of the fascist Deep State (as mostly explained by Caitlin Johnstone) and an equal opportunity briber.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trump scolds Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un with his little rocket responded by saying "you are a mentally deranged and senile old man".

I don't mean to belittle this spat because it is very dangerous. But it's better to laugh about such things than merely complain or worry. Better yet is to become active and informed in order to remove from power a class of people who mostly depend on violence to bully others into giving them cheap labor, resources, and generally to have their way in the world.

Friday, September 22, 2017

[Weekly series of the Russian Revolution of 1917] September 18 – 24: Bolsheviks obtain majorities in Moscow and Petrograd soviets

Click here to access article from the World Socialist Web Site.

I am posting a series of weekly/daily series of articles describing the events of the Russian Revolution from the WSWS website.

I will be posting a weekly summary of activities during the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as articles by historians of that great event. You may be interested to read my introduction to the latter series if you have not already done so. 
Following the Kornilov affair, support for the Bolsheviks surges, and they win control of the Moscow and Petrograd soviets, followed one by one by provincial soviets. The crisis of the newly formed Kerensky dictatorship deepens. All the while, the war rages on, and mass hunger and deprivation fuel working-class rebellions around the world.

The Kurdish Question: Why Federalization In Syria And The Creation of A Kurdistan Is A Very Bad Idea

Click here to access article by Brandon Turbeville from Activist Post

It is obvious that the US has long abandoned Plan A to get rid of President Assad of Syria and install a more compliant puppet as head of state. Now it's Plan B executed by the US's terrorist strategists in the CIA and Israel's Mossad. This is convincingly argued in this lengthy article in which Turbeville adds numerous quotes from other independent journalists and observers to bolster his argument. 
Shortly after the Russian entrance to the Syrian theatre, American media became full of stories praising the heroism of the Kurdish fighters battling against ISIS in areas such as Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) and others. From stories promoting the fighting prowess of the Kurdish brigades to cleverly created propaganda campaigns regarding female Kurdish fighters, the Western press, including the alternative media, was full of stories telling Americans that the Kurds were the real victims and the real heroes of the crisis. This propaganda campaign came about the same time that the Syrian military began making serious gains against Western-backed terrorists with the help of Russia. Thus, as America’s terrorists began losing the war, America produced another “freedom fighter” poster child – the YPG. 
The stories he refers to in alternative media promoting the latest version of "freedom fighter" heroes are such items by anarchist David Graeber, who has long championed the Syrian Kurds (see the latest), and one by Pete Dolack, who has otherwise contributed much to our understanding of financial issues. However Turbeville insists, and I agree with him, that this view serves Empire propaganda and fits very well with the Plan B of the US and its partner-in-crime Israel to balkanize Israel's Arab neighbors. I don't think it is a mere coincidence that Iraqi Kurds are holding a referendum on Monday while this is going on in neighboring Syria. Perhaps the Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, is a Mossad agent after all, as alleged numerous times by various observers. At least there is considerable evidence that the Kurds have long enjoyed the support and collaboration by the Israelis in their quest for independence. The US is against the referendum officially, but I think it is only a cover to protect them from the ire of the Iraqi government.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Single Payer, the Democratic Party and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Click here to access article by Russell Mokhiber from The Greanville Post.

I am posting this piece only as an illustration of an incorrigible reformist liberal who still thinks that...
...the people at the grassroots...have lit the prairie fire that will not be extinguished by Democrats, or Green Democrats, or public interest Democrats, or the Democratic public option, or Democratic incrementalism, or Democratic affiliated sheepdogs.

It will not be extinguished until single payer becomes law. That means overcoming the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare industry, the Democratic Party, Green Democrats, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and the nonprofit industrial complex.

Onward to single payer.
He makes this statement following his excellent exposé of the frustrating lessons he's learned while working in various liberal groups to pass legislation that purportedly serves the interests of ordinary people. This piece shows the political immaturity of American liberal activists which, I believe, constitute the majority of American activists. (The same applies to another post from the same website entitled "A Cure For Mad Trump Disease" in which the author claims that the solution is electing the right people to Congress!)

There is no way that a single payer medical plan will ever be permitted to pass into law in the US as long as the capitalist class is in control. Private insurance plans are a bonanza for the capitalist ruling class. Likewise with all the other progressive measures that interfere with the ruling capitalist class's pursuit of wealth/power and their attempt to control the world. While in pursuit of the latter goal, they have wracked up a huge government debt of $20 trillion dollars, which is owed to mostly Empire capitalist creditors who bet on the Empire by purchasing US Treasury securities. Their investments can only be realized if they succeed. 

Obviously at this point our masters have only one option: to continue with "business as usual". And, likewise, we have only one option if we are going to save ourselves from a nuclear war conflagration or a more gradual extinction due to climate destabilization. Guess what that is?  

The forbidden questions about the Korea crisis

Click here to access article by Moss Roberts from Asia Times
Why does Washington insist on continuing the war games? Is it about strategy, military budgets, promoting weapon sales, face? Is the purpose to maximize tensions and so push South Korea away from China and toward Japan?
The author asks many serious questions about why sensible solutions are not followed by the US, South Korea, and Japan. The answer is the US-led Empire's compulsive policy of rollback which began after WWII against the influence of the anti-capitalist nations, Soviet Union and China, and is now continuing a similar policy under contemporary conditions in which these nations with mixed economies and North Korea (with a bureaucratically run socialist system) are beginning to seriously challenge the Empire's imperial dominance. US propaganda organs sell this imperialist policy to its citizens as "American exceptionalism" or as America's "unique leadership" in world affairs.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Russia’s Interesting New Oil Geopolitics

Click here to access article by F. William Engdahl from New Eastern Outlook

Engdahl lends his geopolitical perspective on the current situation in the Middle East.
Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Qatar. They are weaving deeper peaceful economic ties, walking away in the case of Qatar and Turkey from their ill-conceived US-inspired war against Syria’s Bashar al Assad, developing long-term energy cooperation and defense ties. At the heart is Russia’s emerging new oil geopolitics.

The response to this all from the sinking Titanic that used to be known as the United States of America, of its military lobby and their Wall Street bankers who actually run Washington policy via their web of think-tanks, is infantile: war, destabilizations, color revolutions, sanctions as a form of economic war, demonization, lies. That’s all rather stupid and ultimately boring.
[Notice his description of the shadow government, what I refer to as the Deep State.]

Realism in Astana: The Prequel to a Decade of Peace in the Middle East [Updated on 9/23/2017]

Click here to access article by Ollie Richardson from Oriental Review
America and its European vassals now find themselves neck-deep in the consequences of their own idiotic decisions. The new reality involves a bloc involving both Iran and Turkey deciding not only the outcome of the Syrian war, but also the next 10 years in the Middle East.
This offers the best political analysis I have seen of the current conditions in the Syrian conflict and the future of the nearby region. 

"Astana" refers to the recent talks between Russia, Turkey, and Iran at Astana, Kazakstan. Notice that the US and its coalition partners were excluded as participants (although observers from US, UN, etc were allowed) in the 4th (May 2017), 5th (August), and 6th (September) talks held there in which "de-escalation zones" (he refers to them as "deconfliction zones") were decided. 

Updated information on 9/23/2017: The above information may not be entirely accurate. A much more plausible description of the meeting participants was written by Alexander Orlov who writes:
From September 14 to September 15, Astana held its sixth round of talks on Syria, in which the delegations of the guarantor countries Russia, Turkey and Iran, the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian opposition, as well as the UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, took part. The United States and Jordan were present as observers.
I'm waiting with great anticipation to see how the US-backed Kurds and the area under their control in northern Syria is resolved. 

How the UN Covers for US Aggression

Click here to access article by J.P. Sottile from ConsortiumNews. (Edited for clarity around 8 PM Seattle time.)

It is obvious that the "UN covers for US aggression" and Sottile provides all the historical details that illustrate this truth. However the "how" is not well explained. Permit me to fill in the "how".

The term "United Nations" was first used by President Franklin Roosevelt in early 1941 as a propaganda gimmick during a meeting with Prime Minister Winston Churchill in August of 1941 in Newfoundland, Canada. This term was officially referred to in the Atlantic Charter as a part of a more elaborate propaganda campaign waged by the leaders of the embryonic Anglo-American capitalist empire (later to become the US-led Empire) to wrap themselves in high-minded principles. (Churchill had considerable difficulty with the third principle of the Charter because of India's strong desire for independence: "all people had a right to self-determination", and he never took it seriously, nor did US officials as subsequently illustrated in Vietnam.) Such a propaganda campaign was needed in order to rally isolationist Americans to the Anglo-American cause and to enlist the support of many neutral nations in their contest with their overtly fascist competitors, the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) for world dominance. As you can see, these two warring capitalist camps were little more than what we commonly recognize as neighborhood gangs fighting over the control of turf.

At this time only Britain and Russia were engaged in this war (WWII), but FDR was a diehard anglophile and anti-fascist capitalist, and saw the necessity of the US coming to the aid of desperate Britain. He did everything he could to support the British in spite of widespread isolationist sentiment and opposition in the US that was mostly engineered by the fascist wing of the capitalist ruling class. Both Britain and later the US were forced to ally themselves temporarily with the Soviet Union, their arch-enemy, in order to defeat their rival, the German Reich, for world dominance . 

Many fascist capitalists in the evolving deep state at the time became aware that this war offered a splendid opportunity for US world dominance after the war was over. This informal project of the Deep State became known as the American Century, a term that was first coined by fascist-inclined Henry Luce, president of Time, Inc., a major multimedia corporation consisting of numerous mainstream publications, radio projects and newsreels. The publication of this article (by the same name) rallied the fascist wing of the US capitalist ruling class, which had previously hid under the label of "isolationism", to support the war against the Axis powers. Well, with this support and the provocations of US government trade embargoes against Japan, whose fascist ruling class were building their own empire in Asia, inevitably led the US in a few short months to a war with Japan and the rest of the Axis powers.  

After the Allied victory in WWII, the US, which was by far the dominant power in the world as forecast by the fascist promoters of the "American Century", and its subordinate partner Britain established what was originally known as the United Nations Organization. Of course with such origins the organization was largely dominated by the US. The first indication of the latter was the UN resolutions in 1950 condemning North Korea's invasion of South Korea--although this happened after many provocations by the US-backed South Korean forces (read The Origins of the Korean War, v1 by Bruce Cumings). This was the pretext for President Harry Truman, without a declaration of war, to order troops to Korea to enforce these resolutions (in reality to contain and roll-back a communist government). In order to provide the US's intervention with more legitimacy as a UN force, the US managed to get token forces from other nations to join them.

As another indication of the US domination of the UN, despite many UN resolutions condemning Israel for their settlements on Palestinian territory, there has never been an attempt to enforce them with any military actions.

We Will Not Be Silenced: First They Ignore You, Then Comes Censorship

Click here to access article by Teodrose Fikre from The Ghion Journal
...let me state this truth. The system of global oppression—where a few lord over billions—is not afraid of those who speak with fiery rhetoric and those who agitate people into angry discontent. Far from fearing demagogues, the status quo actually elevates them for the playbook of divide and conquer depends on those who peddle separable grievances in order to shatter the people into islands of resentment. From Obama to Trump and the endless sea of politicians and mainstream media pundits are nothing more than two faced snakes who present injustice through one sided perspectives for this very reason. What the elites and the powerful fear are those who speak for universal justice and who try to rally people to the flag of humanity and our commonality of hopes.

.... It is for this precise reason that the outrage machine has been cranked up full blast; the closer we get to seeing how we are all getting duped as a people, the more the elites try to dupe us through hoodwink [read Hoodwinking US]. The same elites are reverting to something even more sinister as corporations and those in power at the Federal level are nefariously silencing those who stand for unity and togetherness.
You seem to argue that there is no alternative other than getting back on Facebook.
It is easy for others to say “leave Facebook” and to log off as a way of protest; but Facebook is the largest media platform in the world. They have effectively monopolized the industry of information sharing; being silenced on Facebook is effectively lynching our first amendment right of a free press, fifth amendment right protection of liberty, and our human right to speak—especially when the Ghion Journal espouses unity and love. 
No, it is not "easy", but there is no alternative unless you want to be a part of the "system of global oppression". You either seek truth or you are banned in this era of "deception and subterfuge" that so effectively serves the ruling capitalist classes. Is this not the fundamental choice?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Condemned to Repeat It: History as Rerun

Click here to access article by Jason Hirthler from The Greanville Post

In this rather lengthy article the author looks at a variety of events from current news to early 20th century US history to illustrate his theme that the ruling capitalist class will insure that we see such events through their lens of class interests. Likewise, they will brand as "communism" any threats to their private ownership (and control) of the economy.
...the real threat to capitalism is communism, not fascism. As prolific and fearless author Michael Parenti writes, “fascism is nothing more than a final solution to the class struggle, the totalistic submergence and exploitation of democratic forces for the benefit and profit of higher financial circles.” 
The antidote to their views of events is to study the real history of class warfare instead of their fake history. I have lists of excellent resources to gain such an understanding (see here and here).

What Does the Sale of Venezuelan Oil in Currencies Other Than the US Dollar Mean?

Click here to access article originally from Mision Verdad in Spanish, translated into English and posted on TeleSur. (Thanks to Caren in northwest Oregon for alerting me to this article.)
The petrodollar is more important for US global domination than either arms exports or Hollywood culture, because it allows the US to be the biggest exporter of the dollar bills the rest of the world needs to be able to buy oil.
Most American have little or no understanding of this opening sentence. The US-led Empire's attempts at global domination means the threat of economic and military violence on countries who fail to support the Empire's interests of profit and power. Since the Vietnam War nearly bankrupted the US Treasury, the latter began in earnest to issue US Treasury securities backed by oil from Saudi Arabia and associates (which can only be purchased with US dollars) to capitalists and governments worldwide to support their increasing deficits. That is why our ruling class loves these head-chopping, medieval monarchs.  

US Treasury securities has long been regarded as one of the safest investments because they are backed by the economic and military power of the US. This means that those countries which do not support US policies, like Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Russia, etc. are threatened with, and often suffer from, both forms of power. With US government debt reaching $20 trillion dollars, many countries and capitalists are beginning to wonder about the safety of these investments, and many countries as reported in this article are starting to use alternative currencies to buy what they need. And, that is why the US is currently engaged surreptitiously and overtly in so many countries to insure US dominance. This, of course, costs money. As you can see, the deeper in debt the ruling class's government becomes, the more they use economic and military weapons against other countries. To me, this looks like a death spiral.

Meanwhile most Americans are either fast asleep or their attention is totally focused on entertainment to be bothered with such events.